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How do you take care of your skin when you take medications or going through treatments that wreak havoc on your skin? I get asked that question a lot and that is why I decided to create a skincare line for those with sensitive and ultra-sensitive skin types. I want to discuss just a few chronic illnesses and medications that can be harmful to your skin and what you can do to combat those issues.


What is cancer? Cancer is a group of diseases caused by growth and spread of abnormal cells. These cells can grow at an uncontrollable rate. Cancer can also be explained as the change in the DNA in a normal group of cells. After the change, the cells no longer act normal. Although the cause of many cancers is still a mystery, the causes are being researched by scientists daily. Smoking, diet, chemical, genetics and a compromised immune system have been shown to increase cancer rates. Oncology patients go through life changes during treatments, such as stress, physical and emotional. Having spa treatments from a qualified oncology esthetician can be very beneficial.


Chemotherapy is the use of drugs that treat cancerous cells and eliminate or reduce tumors caused by different cancers. Treatment from chemotherapy drugs can cause allergic reactions, hives, rashes, and itching. These drugs can also cause dry skin. The goal is to treat the skin with products that are gentle and hydrating for the skin.


Radiation is used to treat cancer in high doses to shrink tumors and kill cancer cells. Radiation can redness to the skin, itching, blistering, darkening of the skin, and other reactions. These reactions may not happen immediately after treatment. The skin becomes extra sensitive after radiation treatment and you want to use products that are free from irritants and are gentle to the skin.


Individuals who have cancer have an increased amount of oxidative stress, meaning there isn’t a balance of free radicals and antioxidants.


Most common type of medication to cause skin rashes:

• Antibiotics including Penicillin or sulfa drugs

• Anti-inflammatory medicines such as naproxen, ibuprofen, and indomethacin

• Codeine or morphine

Most common type of medication that cause itchy skin:

• Morphine

• Codeine

• Fentanyl

• Oxycodone

• Tramadol

• Aspirin

What do you need?

You need products that are non-toxic and free of harsh chemicals. When dealing with chronic illnesses and taking medication that may cause damage to the skin, the products you use must be gentle and healing. Regardless if you are dealing with cancer, radiation, illness, or you have sensitive skin, Eccentric Skin wants to help you overcome the challenges of using products that are not for you.


Here at Eccentric Skin we want to make a difference and produce a sense of wellbeing for anyone going through cancer or any other chronic treatments.

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